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  • 1 in 8: You Are Not Alone

    Dr. Carmelo Sgarlata RSC Bay

    In the United States, it is estimated that 1 in 8 individuals will experience infertility during their reproductive years. This number may even be as low as 1 in 6. How is it possible that a condition that is so common can leave one feeling so isolated? Infertility affects us at a very basic level – we are unable to plan for and have the family we so strongly desire. While we may all come from different cultures, religions or family units - children are a basic desire for most of us. For those of you hoping to become pregnant,


  • IVF and Embryo Grading

    Sperm, eggs and embryos all undergo a grading system during IVF. This grading is a complex process that begins at the time of the egg retrieval and continues throughout early embryo development. Your doctor should review the embryo quality with you on the day of 


  • Our Top 5 Infertility Blogs of All Time

    best infertility blogs

    For over five years, we have been sharing fertility blogs with you each week - written by fertility clinic doctors, staff and community members who are traveling on the infertility journey themselves. We have covered and reviewed the latest fertility news while also offering support to you, our amazing community. Here they are: our five most popular blogs in Attain Fertility’s history. In April 2012, Stephanie


  • Taking Care of Yourself During Infertility Treatment

    Woman walking outside

    We often devote a great deal of our time and energy to others: family, work and friends, but what about ourselves? Making positive changes can impact our mental, emotional, and physical health. This can be helpful when dealing with the difficult emotions and stress that accompany infertility. Below I list 10 areas in our lives that we can all try to improve. If you are ready to make healthy changes, pick one, two, or three of the areas below that could help you improve your own state of being. Remember: 


  • Attain Fertility Looks Back at 2014

    Best of 2014

    As we wrap up our #31DaysofHope campaign, we want to say “Thanks” to all of you. We really are touched by your support of each other and your engagement with our community. Sharing words of hope and inspiration with you all is incredibly rewarding and we hope you continue to share your own words of hope and inspiration with us as you travel along your family-building journeys. You can always message us, share your thoughts with us over on our Facebook wall, or leave a sweet comment right here on the blog. But, before we say goodbye to 2014, we want to take a peek down memory lane. We spent some time last week reviewing all of the blog and website stories we ran this past year. Today, we