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What is natural fertility support? In this section, we will teach you about a healthy fertility lifestyle and review non-medical fertility aids. Here, we discuss mind-body practices like acupuncture and yoga that may offer stress relief and a boost for your fertility. We also offer our recommendations for the best resources for infertility counseling and support groups. Our doctors and experts share the truth behind popular fertility supplements and vitamins, backed by the latest research and science. Go ahead, take a deep breath and browse through our blogs. Come back again when you need a little encouragement and guidance on your journey to conceive.

  • Taking Care of Yourself During Infertility Treatment

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    We often devote a great deal of our time and energy to others: family, work and friends, but what about ourselves? Making positive changes can impact our mental, emotional, and physical health. This can be helpful when dealing with the difficult emotions and stress that accompany infertility. Below I list 10 areas in our lives that we can all try to improve. If you are ready to make healthy changes, pick one, two, or three of the areas below that could help you improve your own state of being. Remember: 


  • What is HOPE?

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    Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality” - Jonas Salk

    As we enter this holiday season, we often hear the word HOPE. But do you ever pause to think and ask yourself: “What is hope?” The Merriman-Webster Dictionary defines hope as:


  • Managing Infertility Stress During the Holidays

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    The holiday season seems particularly stressful for many of our patients struggling with fertility concerns. I try to emphasize to every patient who comes to our center that they will ultimately be successful if they are willing and able to be persistent. I acknowledge up front that there will be challenges along the way and that the road will not always be smooth. Here are some of the challenges that I like to discuss with my patients, just so they can be aware of what they might expect: 


  • Remember to Ask for HOPE Today!

    Ask for HOPE

    Feeling Hopeless? Well, have you tried asking for hope? In real time, when you’re having a hopeless feeling and a hopeless moment, when the hopeless sense hits you so hard - your despair and longing for a child might turn into a physical ache. In that moment, stop and ask for divine hope to be poured down upon you and also add the mantra: “I receive everything that I need right now.” Simply stating mentally, quietly, inwardly (or if you’d like to, shout it!) what you are in need of shifts the dense energy to that of the light. Shift your awareness and focus on peace and hope – shift it to what you want, not what you don’t want. Here’s a quick exercise.


  • Infertility, Hope & the Holidays: Twitter Chat Review

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    Hello everyone! In honor of our December campaign #31DaysofHope, we wanted to share an overview from our sweet Twitter Chat we held recently. Attain Fertility teamed up with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association to hold “Tweet for Hope: Infertility and the Holidays” on November 14, 2014. We asked 10 questions of our participants, covering holiday/infertility themes such as how to handle get-togethers, what kinds of traditions to hold and how to avoid the not so pleasant questions about your fertility from nosy friends and relatives. Our tweeters rose to the task. To see their response,