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"How much will my fertility treatments cost? Will my insurance cover in vitro fertilization?" We hear these questions, and many more like these, every day. Paying for infertility treatment is one of the top stressors that our community members face. In this area of our blog, we will try to do everything we can to help you figure out how to pay for treatment. Our clinic financial counselors and staff share the latest tips to help you pay for IVF and streamline the financial process to help you grow your family with as little stress as possible.

  • Save on IVF Medications in August

    couple talking with financial counselor

    If you are considering IVF as your next step along your journey to parenthood, you probably have concerns about the cost of treatment as well as how to pay for treatment. The great news is that there are solutions available to you! If you take out a loan with CapexMD during the month of August to finance your Attain IVF program fee and include your fertility medications in the loan – you’ll automatically qualify for a $100 Rebate.  (Click here for details.)


  • Do You Qualify for the Attain IVF Refund Program?

    attain ivf financing refund option

    Do you know one of the most commonly asked questions that we hear at our Call Center? Many of you want to know, “What criteria qualifies someone for the Attain IVF Refund Program?”

    I will explain the what, where and how of how to qualify for Attain IVF. If you fit the criteria on this list, you may apply to our program to find out if you are eligible!



  • IVF and Insurance

    One of the goals of RESOLVE's Advocacy Day, coming up this Wednesday, is to make infertility treatment more affordable and more accessible for all.

    Hello, my friends! It's my day to share with you one of the many interesting topics brought up by our callers here at the Attain® IVF Call Center. Today I am discussing IVF and insurance coverage.

    It would make things so much easier if all states had mandated infertility insurance coverage; however, that's not the case. I thought it would be helpful to attach this link so that you can read the specific guidelines for the 15 states that have laws requiring insurance coverage for infertility treatment. The mandate in each state is different, so do your research about your state's laws and whether the mandates apply to your employer.


  • 5 Things to Know About Attain IVF

    Hello to all our wonderful community friends! So many people call in and ask us a variety of questions, like:

    • What is the Attain IVF Program?
    • How does it work?
    • Why should I enroll?
    • What are the benefits for me?

    We love your questions, friends. The more, the merrier! Today I want to break down for you the who, what, when, where, and why about our Attain Programs and reasons we are so successful. Here are the top 5 things you need to know about Attain IVF:


  • Should Infertility Insurance be Required?

    Response to the American Medical Assocation Virtual Mentor journal article

    By Dr. Carmelo Sgarlata

    The January 2014 issue of Virtual Mentor (the American Medical Association's online ethics journal) features several articles on Ethics and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).