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Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples of reproductive age but a stigma of silence still surrounds the journey. Here on the Attain Fertility blog, we offer you a safe and supportive place to share your experiences with infertility. Read stories by men and women who have recently been diagnosed with infertility and get words of wisdom from fertility doctors who have personally traveled along the painful path of infertility. You can share your own story with photos, art, words, quotes and more. Get creative. Find comfort here and remember that you are not alone. Reach out. Connect. Find your community. Heal. Contact us to share your story here.

  • Find Community With #31DaysofHope

    picture of Hope

    Many of you have told us how alone you feel on your infertility journey. But you truly are not alone. One of our goals this month is to help you see that you are a part of a large community, that you are not alone. No one should have to deal with infertility on his or her own. Today, in honor of YOU, our infertility community, we launch our second annual December campaign of HOPE. Just in time for the holidays, we call it #31DaysofHope. All month long we are providing you with a safe, supportive place where you can share your experiences, hopes and fears. Each day, we will be sharing images, poems, and stories of HOPE. You can also tell us how you feel: How do you


  • Attain IVF Gave Us Hope (and Twins!)

    hands holding hope

    In December 2010 I completed the final blood draw on what would ultimately become our fifth failed intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycle. When I was checking out, I noticed a brochure perched on the counter at my fertility clinic. The brochure was for a program called Attain IVF – something my partner and I had never heard of. I took the information home and had no idea that this program would play such an instrumental part in our journey to become parents. We scheduled an appointment to discuss in vitro fertilization (IVF)


  • Choosing to Be Ever Upward, Losses and All

    Author Justine Froelker

    This was the day we dreamed we would welcome our children into the world, the day we planned to become parents. We had hoped to welcome one or two babies into the world around this time. But they were never our babies to have on this side of eternity. I was never meant to mother them in the traditional sense and never on this side of eternity. They would always be just a dream and yet much more than we ever hoped.

    We vacationed together in Lake Tahoe, redefining ourselves after infertility treatments, side effects and financial stressors - with no babies to show for it.

    I walked back into us that day because I walked back into myself. If I didn't make that choice I think I may have literally died of a broken heart


  • PCOS: Why I Fight Like A Girl

    happy girl

    PCOS. It’ just another one of those abbreviated words we seem to love so much in the reproductive/infertility world! But, unlike so many others, this one isn’t as much fun. September is PCOS Awareness month, and because it’s something I battle on a daily basis, raising awareness of it is really important to me! So, let’s start with - what exactly IS PCOS? (Bear with me! I’m gonna get all medical mumbo-jumbo, but then I’ll break it down like a rapper at a freestyling contest!) PCOS is short for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It’s a hormonal endocrine disorder that can wreak HAVOC on our bodies! Some of the symptoms of PCOS are:


  • How I Found Joy on the PCOS Journey

    Amber Lester Infertility blogger

    Five years. Five long, emotionally draining years. That’s how long we’ve been on our journey to parenthood. It all started in January 2009 when we decided to forgo birth control and try to start our family. As a young child my mother always had a fear that I’d never be able to conceive. I always dismissed her fear and thought I would not have a problem conceiving and told her to stop worrying, that everything would be fine. Mother’s instinct is usually right, and this time she was. On that cold January day, as my husband and I sat in the doctor’s office discussing our pre-conception plan, we had no idea what would lie ahead for our journey to parenthood. A month after