About SRM Spokane

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When the founding partners of SRM helped bring a baby into the world through the use of IVF in 1985, no one expected that 20 years later the team would establish the largest reproductive medicine practice west of the Mississippi.  Since 2004 the physicians of Seattle Reproductive Medicine have brought more than 6,000 babies into the world. Since 2004, the staff and medical experts of SRM have listened carefully to their greatest source of inspiration - their patients - to continue fine-tuning fertility care. The results have attracted patients from all over the world.

Now, SRM Spokane will make the world’s highest quality fertility care even more accessible to patients seeking reproductive assistance to build their families.

Days/Hours: Mon – Fri. 8am – 4pm PST

Services Offered

Insemination; Ovulation Induction w/ Injections; Medications; Donor Sperm Insemination; In Vitro Fertilization; PGD; Third Party Reproduction; My Egg Bank; Surgery; Fertility Preservation

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