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You’re not alone. Learn more about the struggles and successes of other IVF patients…
Paying for fertility treatment just got a whole lot easier – and less expensive. Reach out to learn more.
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We have made it our mission to make fertility treatment affordable for everyone.
Our network of lending & financing partners makes paying for IVF as smooth as can be.
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The Infertility Community: High-Profile IVF

Infertility affects people from all walks of life, impacting millions of families. Despite the fact that it’s quite common and touches so many (1 in 8 couples struggle with it), for a very long time people treated it as a hush-hush topic and struggled with it in silence.

Learn, Laugh, Live: Top Resources for Living Well With Endometriosis

An estimated 1-in-10 women in the U.S. suffer from Endometriosis. Attain Fertility discusses this baffling disease and helps guide you to the right info.

Top Tips to Make IVF More Affordable

Our goal is to make IVF as accessible as possible to our patients to help you achieve your goal of becoming a parent.

7 Ways To Relax Yourself Throughout IVF Treatments

Here are some tips and things you can do to reduce stress, and help yourself relax throughout IVF treatments.