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You’re not alone. Learn more about the struggles and successes of other IVF patients…
Paying for fertility treatment just got a whole lot easier – and less expensive. Reach out to learn more.
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We have made it our mission to make fertility treatment affordable for everyone.
Our network of lending & financing partners makes paying for IVF as smooth as can be.
Need to make a payment? Not a problem. Just click here to pay your bill online.
If you want your practice to offer Attain Fertility programs, let us know.
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Go Love Yourself: Self-Care and IVF

Self care is the best care, especially during IVF treatments...Attain Fertility has some pointers to show yourself a little TLC during this time.

How to Have “The Talk” – A Guide to the Infertility Conversation

Do you need to have “The Talk” with someone you know? Here, Attain Fertility shares strategies on how to have the #TTC convo on your own terms.


There are many ways to show your support for the one-in-eight couples struggling with infertility during this Infertility Awareness month. Check out how!

The Infertility Community: High-Profile IVF

Infertility affects people from all walks of life, impacting millions of families. Despite the fact that it’s quite common and touches so many (1 in 8 couples struggle with it), for a very long time people treated it as a hush-hush topic and struggled with it in silence.