These infertility blogs are written by fertility clinic doctors, staff and community members who are traveling on the infertility journey themselves. We have covered and reviewed the latest fertility news while also offering support to you, our amazing community. Here they are: our five most popular blogs in Attain Fertility’s history. Please enjoy!

1. Chemical Pregnancy after IVF

In April 2012, Stephanie shared her personal story of a chemical pregnancy (miscarriage) following her first and only in vitro fertilization (IVF cycle). In this blog, “Little Tiny Positive,” Stephanie writes about her heartbreaking experience. We all mourned with Stephanie together during that time and this blog post continues to touch many readers who come to visit our blog.

2. Day 3 or Blastocyst Embryo Transfer?

Dr. Weckstein is one of the talented reproductive endocrinologists at our California clinic The Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area. In this blog post, Dr. Weckstein discusses how your doctor decides whether to do a 3-day or 5-day embryo transfer with IVF. If you did IVF, what did your doctor recommend?

3. FertilAid – Can it Help You Get Pregnant?

Over on our Facebook page we have fielded hundreds (thousands?) of comments and questions regarding FertilAid and other natural fertility supplements. So I decided to look into this popular supplement to get the facts about FertilAid. I researched FertilAid for Women and share my findings with you in this blog. This post is a must-read if you are thinking of trying FertilAid or a similar product.

4. My IVF Journey: The Embryo Transfer

Stephanie blogged about her journey all throughout the IVF process and in this blog post she discussed her experience with the embryo transfer. With her characteristic sense of humor, Stephanie tells you what it’s like to go through an embryo transfer at your fertility clinic. Our community cheered Stephanie on during her IVF cycle in 2012, and now our future readers will know what IVF is really like – from someone who has been through it.

5. Day 3 Blood Work Explained

Anyone who has gone through fertility testing is probably familiar with the term “Day 3 testing” Maureen shared the facts about this process in one of our very first blogs! Click over to see what you can expect during the Day 3 blood work evaluation. What tips would you offer to those starting fertility testing?

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5. Royal Jelly for Fertility

In this blog, Dr. Sgarlata, also from The Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area, shares the facts about the supplement royal jelly and its effects on fertility. Have you tried it?

Now that you’ve seen our most popular blogs of all time, please tell us: what is your favorite blog on our website?

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