7 Ways To Relax Yourself Throughout IVF Treatments

7 Ways To Relax Yourself Throughout IVF Treatments

7 Ways To Relax Yourself Throughout IVF Treatments 2680 1563 Attain Fertility

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments are super relaxing…”No” quite the opposite. There are countless reasons that stress is associate with IVF. The very fact that you have to turn to IVF to have a baby is frustrating. The sheer number of tests and procedures you have to schedule can make your life feel like a juggling act. The financial aspect of IVF can be overwhelming.

However, there are things you can do to reduce stress, and help yourself relax throughout IVF treatments. Read below for tips from the Attain Fertility team on how to lower your anxiety during this juncture on your path to parenthood.

Hit the Spa
Your body and mind go through so much during IVF treatment – medication, shots, procedures, monitoring, watching, and waiting. The healing touch of a good massage can help release some of this tension you’ve been accumulating, and help you reconnect with your body in a more positive way. For extra relaxation, find a spa with a serene soothing room where you can unwind, pre- or post-treatment.

Work Up a Sweat
You may not feel that you have the time or inclination to exercise during IVF treatment, however squeezing it in can reap big benefits. Stick with moderate physical exercise, like walking, dancing, and yoga, release stress-busting, feel-good endorphins. No need to adhere to any intense regimen, even just a bit of activity each day will make a difference.

Take Time to Talk
Talking about infertility, and how you feel during treatment, is helpful for a lot of people. Your partner or a trusted friend may be the person you turn to. Keep in mind that there are moments you may feel like talking about what you’re going through, and times when you just want to keep it to yourself. Honor your feelings. You may also want to seek out a trained therapist. Reach out to your fertility doctor if you need to. Contact us for a list of valuable resources.

Integrate Holistic Treatments
We’ve already mentioned yoga and massage as powerful relaxation tools. Other practices that connect mind and body can also help you breathe easy during IVF treatment. Tai chi (meditation in motion) and meditation promote serenity and inner peace, and can easily be done at home with instructional DVDs. Acupuncture is a wonderful relaxation technique, and some studies have shown it may be beneficial during IVF treatment.

Lay Low
Focus on yourself and minimize unnecessary additions to your already hectic schedule. Now is the time to say no, “guilt-free” and “often”. Friends and family will understand if you can’t get together. You don’t want to change your life completely, but you do want to be mindful on how you choose to spend your time, so that you don’t overextend yourself.

Practice Acceptance
It’s hard not to get frustrated with your given infertility diagnosis, or wonder why you have to go through so much to have a baby when so many people seem to do it without a second thought. Those feelings are completely valid and understandable. However, at some point you need to let go of what you thought “would be”, and embrace “what is”, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel at first. Attain Fertility can provide guidance and tools on how to practice acceptance, to move forward in a positive and beneficial way.

Become a Self-Care Pro
Do all of the above, and more. Luxurious baths. Best Chocolate Ever. Afternoon naps. Life gets so busy that we often forget to take care of ourselves. You should come first and really listen to what your mind and body need during this stressful period. This can greatly help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation during your IVF treatment.

The best part about all of these tips? Find your balance. You can do them alone or with your partner. Maintaining a strong connection during this difficult time is key to navigating the ups and downs successfully. National Romance Month is upon us; it’s the perfect time to book that couples massage or cuddle up at home with a good movie