Learn, Laugh, Live: Top Resources for Living Well With Endometriosis

Learn, Laugh, Live: Top Resources for Living Well With Endometriosis

Learn, Laugh, Live: Top Resources for Living Well With Endometriosis 1600 934 Attain Fertility

Killer cramps. Chronically heavy periods. Brain fog. Pain during sex. Infertility. Endometriosis is no joke, and this difficult-to-diagnose condition most often strikes during the reproductive years causing fertility issues for many women. There’s no cure for endometriosis, and treatments range from medications to surgery to lifestyle changes. As with most baffling diseases, information is power.

Attain Fertility discusses five valuable resources for women concerned about endometriosis and fertility–whether you’re just starting out on your journey or have been bravely traveling this road for years.

What Is Endo?

Simply stated, endometriosis is a disease in which tissue similar to the uterine lining (endometrium) is
found in areas outside the uterus. This tissue is often found in the pelvic cavity, but less frequently, is also discovered on the intestines, appendix, bowel, rectum, and bladder. An estimated 1 in 10 women in the United States suffer from endometriosis, but because it’s often misdiagnosed or mistreated there are likely many more women suffering from this quality-of-life-affecting disease.

There are countless websites chock full of information about endometriosis. Two of the most informative are the
Endometriosis Foundation of America and the Endometriosis Research Center. They both cover everything from potential causes of endometriosis to symptoms and treatments. Research, along with education and awareness, are also huge areas of focus for both organizations.

If you think you may have endometriosis call Attain Fertility at (866) 968-7483 for an appointment to learn more, get tested, and discuss treatment options.

Information Is Everything

Learning all you can about endometriosis includes staying updated on the latest science, research, treatment breakthroughs, and advocacy efforts. Endometriosis News is an invaluable resource for doing just that. It provides daily digital coverage of the latest endometriosis information. The website’s content is deep and varied, and, most importantly, frequently updated so endometriosis patients can easily stay on top of the latest developments.