Stopping Infertility Treatment: When Couples Disagree

Stopping Infertility Treatment: When Couples Disagree

Stopping Infertility Treatment: When Couples Disagree 2680 1563 Attain Fertility
When is the right time to stop trying?  Many couples struggle with coming to an agreement on infertility treatment if they haven’t had success.  Some may just accept the fact that they won’t be having children, or others may look to the options of egg donors, sperm donors, or adoption.  There are three difficult challenges you may face during this process:
  1. Fear of being unable to cope with your decision
  2. Trying to imagine a life without having children or being a parent
  3. Overcoming disagreements with your partner

You and your partner need to work together as a team to make the best decision for your family.

Do you disagree?
Couples often have different viewpoints on resolving fertility treatment.  Men are more likely to give up on treatments before women, and women are more likely to explore other options, ultimately finding a solution.  For the woman, it can be frustrating, after undergoing inseminations, retrievals, transfers and injections, to continue forward with fertility treatments.  These disagreements can put a strain on your relationship, causing problems at home.  Both partners should strive to have an open mind and work together along this journey.

Communication is key
Ending treatment is a difficult decision.  Honesty is the best policy, and when you and your partner disagree, it is important to express your feelings. If you struggle with arguments or friction at home, talk to a couples counselor.  Try and come up with a compromise, express your different viewpoints, and have an honest discussion about where to go next in your journey to parenthood.

Letting go of the dream
Even if it may be the best decision for you and your partner, it is very challenging to give up on parenthood. Grieving is normal, and you should allow yourself to take time to mourn. You and your partner should continue to support each other’s needs.  Stopping treatment now may not mean you have to stop forever. You can always try again when the time is right- just make sure you are working towards the best resolution for you.