Love is love – Same sex parenting and Attain Fertility

Love is love – Same sex parenting and Attain Fertility

Love is love – Same sex parenting and Attain Fertility 3909 5864 Attain Fertility

June is #Pridemonth! We here at Attain are LGBTQ+ allies and are here to support you no matter your sexual orientation, race, gender. We believe that all people are equal. Here are some things to know about LGBTQ+ family building.

If you are a gay woman and would like to have children on your own, you will need to decide whether to use a sperm donor, sperm bank, or someone you know. Next, you will need to choose between artificial insemination or IVF to help you conceive. Whichever you choose, we’ll be here for you along the way. Artificial insemination is more affordable and can be done at home or in a doctors office. IVF is more costly, however, with Attain we can help you find ways to make it affordable. Whichever route you choose, give us a call for guidance.

If you are a gay man, you also have many options for becoming a parent. Surrogacy is a popular choice, allowing one of the fathers to be genetically related to the child. Here is how a traditional surrogacy agreement works:

  • You will identify a woman to be the carrier of your child.
  • You may choose a friend or relative to be your carrier, or you may work with an agency to identify one.
  • She will become pregnant with sperm from you or your partner, or from a sperm donor, typically using artificial insemination or IVF.
  • Her own egg is fertilized (although you could also use IVF with a donor egg) and she will carry the pregnancy to term and give birth to the child.
  • At birth, the child is handed to the proud new dads.

Since the child is genetically and biologically connected to the carrier, traditional surrogacy can be risky and requires thorough legal guidance. Be prepared and always do your homework before you begin.

Along with the options listed above, gay men and women also have another great option on the path to parenthood: adopting an infant or an older child. Whichever choice you make, learn all about your options here.