About Us

Over 20 years ago Pam Schumann struggled with the ups and downs of infertility, enduring multiple rounds of IVF and the financial stress that goes along with it. She knew there had to be a better, most cost-efficient way for patients to save money while increasing their odds of having a baby using IVF.

So, she founded Attain Fertility – the original multi-cycle plan provider.

Today, we have over 40 practices, 130 locations and more than 180 Reproductive Endocrinologists in our nationwide network. At each location you’ll find a knowledgeable, compassionate Patient Care Team who understands what you’re going through. Many of us have been down the same road.

Simply put, we’re here for you – from maximizing savings based on your specific treatment plan to helping you find one of our clinics that is close to you. And everything in between.