How can Attain Fertility help me?

Attain® Fertility is the group of bundled IVF cycle plans, called Multi-Cycle Discount Programs, that include multiple IVF cycles for a one-time, discounted fixed fee. Multi-Cycle Discount Programs are designed to reduce stress about IVF costs and provide you peace of mind that you have the best possible chance of success.

Why would I enroll in a Multi-Cycle Discount Program rather than just doing one cycle at a time?

Studies show that when you commit to multiple cycles (what’s frequently called “a course of treatment”) you dramatically increase your chance of success. Approximately 80% of participants who complete their Multi-Cycle Discount Program have a baby.* Patients also tell us that Multi-Cycle Discount Programs gives them greater peace of mind about costs so they can focus on having a baby.

Does your clinic administer Multi-Cycle Discount Programs?

Multi-Cycle Discount Programs are administered by IntegraMed® Fertility and are offered exclusively at practices within their nationwide network, of which we are a member. There are over 40 fertility centers in their network and over 25% of all IVF procedures in the U.S. each year are performed by a network physician.

How do Multi-Cycle Discount Programs work with my insurance benefits?

Multi-Cycle Discount Programs help those patients with little or no health insurance coverage for IVF treatment.

If I enroll in an Multi-Cycle Discount Program, will it affect my treatment plan?

There’s absolutely no impact on the treatment plan your doctor created for you. You will receive the same care that you would if you were to pay for treatment one cycle at a time.

How do I apply?

There’s nothing for you to do other than ask your Financial Counselor to submit an application on your behalf. In most cases,we already have the test results IntegraMed Fertility will need. If there’s anything else they need, we’ll let you know.

Is there an application fee?

There’s no cost to apply and no obligation to enroll. We just want to ensure that you understand all your financial options before beginning treatment.

What happens once you submit my application?

It’s then reviewed by the clinical staff at IntegraMed Fertility to determine your Flex Plan eligibility, which typically takes 24-48 business hours. If your doctor recommends IVF using your own eggs, you’re automatically eligible for the Core Plan. The clinical team will determine if you are also eligible for the Refund Plan.

How much does it cost and what does the fee include?

Once your doctor has recommended IVF as your next step toward having a baby, we will discuss finances with you, including what’s covered in the plan. Typically it’s up to 40% less than if you were to pay for the same treatment plan on a cycle-by-cycle basis. Your costs will vary depending on the customized treatment plan your doctor has created for you.

What’s needed for my application?

There’s nothing you need to do. We submit an application on your behalf. In most cases, we’ll already have your test results needed for certain programs to apply. If there’s anything else needed we’ll let you know. It’s really that easy!

How do they determine which program(s) we’re eligible for?

There are several factors that determine which program(s) you qualify for, including your age, Body Mass Index and medical history. Everyone is eligible for at least one Multi-Cycle Discount Program.

How long does the application process take?

It generally takes 24 to 48 hours after your application has been completed. An Attain Patient Care Specialist will contact you to review your plan option(s) and send you a contract.

Do the cycles have a completion timeline for the Multi-Cycle Discount Program?

That will depend on your personal treatment plan. All of this will be fully explained in your contract and of course, a representative from our team can also help you with any questions.