Infertility Treatment: Can You Even Afford It?

Infertility Treatment: Can You Even Afford It? Infertility Treatment: Can You Even Afford It?

An infertility diagnosis can leave you feeling depressed, confused, and out of control. Unknown factors, like which treatment will work, and how many rounds of treatment you'll need, can leave you feeling helpless. Don't give up. Here are five ways to turn infertility treatment from a dream into a reality.

#1: Start small
If the price tag of in vitro fertilization (IVF) costs has you shying away from fertility treatments altogether, talk to your doctor. You might be a good candidate for some of the less expensive infertility treatments. Many women get pregnant by taking baby boosting fertility drugs like clomiphene citrate (Clomid). Intrauterine insemination (IUI), which costs thousands less than IVF, may also be a good option for you. As long as your tubes are healthy, and your ovarian reserve is good, IUI could help you get pregnant, without breaking the bank.

#2: Consider mini-IVF
Let's say fertility drugs and IUI won't work for you. You can always try minimal stimulation IVF, also known as mini-IVF. While mini-IVF has lower success rates than standard IVF, some couples do get pregnant with the procedure. With mini-IVF, you don't take as many fertility drugs as you do with IVF, which saves you money. If you are interested in mini-IVF, talk to your doctor. Ask about the cost, success rates, benefits, and risks. Remember that if you have to undergo multiple mini-IVF cycles to get pregnant, your total payment could be quite high. 

#3: Understand your payment options
Does your doctor think that standard IVF is the best treatment for you? Ask him or her if your fertility clinic offers a payment plan or savings on bundled services. Many fertility clinics offer treatment programs that bundle services for a reduced fee. For instance, clinics in the Attain Fertility Network offer two IVF programs that provide you multiple IVF cycles for a single, discounted fee. These programs can save you money when compared to paying for services on a cycle-by-cycle basis. The Attain IVF Refund Program and the Attain IVF Multi-Cycle Program can help you build your family without breaking the bank and their course-of-treatment approach increases your chance of success. The Attain IVF Refund Program provides up to a 70% refund if treatment is unsuccessful or you choose to withdraw from the program between cycles. This program, which has certain eligibility requirements, offers you a low-risk option to help you have the baby you’ve been dreaming of.

#4: Borrow the money
Many of us take out loans to get us through a variety of sticky financial situations: going to college, graduate school, buying a home or car, and other scenarios. Why not take out a loan to pay for expensive infertility treatment bills? Some companies offer loans to help you finance infertility treatment. Two such groups, CapexMD and Lending Club Patient Solutions, provide aid to those seeking treatment at clinics in our network. Another unique loan opportunity, if you are a homeowner, is to take out a home equity loan to finance your infertility treatment. Talk to a financial counselor to understand more about the options that you are eligible for.

#5: Apply for aid
Thought financial aid was just for students? Think again. If money is tight, look into grant funding for infertility treatment. Some of the current grant programs include B.U.M.P.S., The Cade Foundation, Fertile Dreams, and the Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation.

Alternatives exist
When going through fertility treatment, ask your doctor about all aspects of the process, including the costs. Then, do your homework. Whether you choose fertility treatment, surrogacy, or adoption, assistance is available to help you achieve your dreams: bringing home a brand new baby.