Attain Fertility — Committed to Your Success

Attain Fertility — Committed to Your Success Attain Fertility — Committed to Your Success

Built on the foundation of partnering with fertility practices, Attain Fertility® Centers has grown to be much more than a network of the nation’s top fertility practices. We provide a comprehensive support system with access to top medical care, affordable IVF treatment, helpful information and a community you can connect to at any time.

The network effect – success is in our numbers
Fertility clinics within the Attain Fertility Centers network have brought tens of thousands of babies into the world over the last 25 years.

Our network is made up of many of the nation’s largest and most successful fertility centers.

  • Over 42 fertility clinics at more than 130 locations
  • Over 190 board-certified reproductive endocrinologists
  • Perform 25% of all IVF procedures nationwide

We make IVF affordable and increase patients’ chance of success
Our Attain® IVF Programs have helped thousands of patients become parents through a course-of-treatment program that makes it easier for them to stay in treatment longer and increase their chance of success. IVF patients get multiple cycles for a single, discounted fee that makes the cost of IVF more manageable.

We empower hopeful parents with trusted information
Our website is designed to be your companion along your journey to parenthood by providing helpful and up-to-date information on fertility problems, treatment options, and ideas on how to boost your fertility through a healthy lifestyle and complementary care.

Articles are written by best-selling authors on fertility, national fertility advocacy groups, renowned reproductive endocrinologists, and other specialists.

We provide a community of sharing and caring 
Over ten thousand women and men connect with medical experts and one another to share information and to support each other along their journey to parenthood on Facebook, on the Attain Fertility blog, through our You Tube channel and on Twitter.

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