Stress Relief for Infertility Treatments

Stress Relief for Infertility Treatments Stress Relief for Infertility Treatments

A young woman posts on an infertility support message board, "I am frustrated and feel like giving up. I can't stop crying and don't think I can take any more."

Sound familiar? If so, you may be burned out by infertility, and in need of some serious stress relief.

Are you burned out?
"Burnout" is a term commonly used to describe those that are emotionally and physically exhausted. Burnout is usually caused by stressful jobs or caring for the chronically ill. But infertility and other chronic illness can also cause burnout. Here's how:

  • These things cause high stress levels and interfere with your daily life, travel plans, social life, and free time.
  • You must attend appointments frequently and put a lot of work.
  • You often have no control in matters and are forced to face the unknown.

You can overcome infertility stress
A journey to conceive after infertility can often take years, not months. Thankfully, most couples that deal with infertility do become parents eventually. Give your baby, body, and soul a healthy start with these 3 strategies:

1. Acknowledge your feelings, even the difficult ones. Many of us have been raised to deny, hide, or be ashamed of our negative feelings. Let yourself mourn, grieve, and cry. Seek infertility support from a therapist if your emotions become overpowering or you find it difficult to function at work, school, or at home.
2. Practice good self-care. Lean on your partner and support him or her, too. Talk to your fertility doctor about taking a break from fertility treatment if you think it would help.
3. Accept your new reality. Many infertility patients find that acceptance helps them cope with a difficult and unpredictable fertility journey. Re-prioritize as needed.

We all vary in how flexible we are, how much we want to be in control, and how we manage our stress. If you tend to be inflexible, like to be in control, or have trouble managing stress, you may be more likely to burn out. 

As REM sang in their 1992 hit song, "Everybody hurts sometimes." It's true. You are not alone in this journey. If you are burned out, feel emotionally overwhelmed, or are depressed about infertility, support is available.


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