For the Ladies: Your First Infertility Appointment

For the Ladies: Your First Infertility Appointment For the Ladies: Your First Infertility Appointment

Wondering what to expect at your first infertility appointment? You are not alone! Many women wonder what will happen when they meet a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) for the first time.

Write your questions down
No matter what your fertility concerns are, be prepared for an honest and open conversation. Take notes, journal, and write down any questions you have ahead of time. You can refer to these notes when you see your doctor.  

For instance, you may have concerns about fertility tests you might need and wonder about possible modes of treatment. Could your male partner be the reason you are unable to get pregnant?

Write down any questions you have in a small notebook. Bring this notebook with you to your first appointment, and talk with your doctor about your concerns.

Bring social support
Be sure to bring your partner or a close friend with you to your first appointment. Having a strong social support is important during this emotional time. It's also helpful to have someone with you as a "second set of ears." You'll get a lot of information during this appointment and may not be able to recall everything after your consultation.

What to expect
How much time you'll spend at the center during your first visit will vary from practice to practice. Your appointment will consist of a lengthy conversation with the doctor and perhaps an introduction of other support staff, including the financial counselor.

This first appointment is primarily for information gathering. The RE will review your medical history and discuss the possibility of male-factor infertility with your male partner.

You may also be asked to give blood or have a pelvic exam. Other more invasive tests are usually done in later visits.

During the first infertility appointment and all subsequent visits, it’s important that your reproductive endocrinologist provides education and answers to your questions. Your doctor should follow a systematic process allowing early identification of potential fertility problems.

In addition, it’s important that the doctor care for you and your partner as individuals.

Be prepared financially
During the first visit, you and your partner should talk openly with your fertility specialist about time and money. If you have a budget and set time limit for fertility treatments, let your doctor and the financial counselor know this up front.  

Now that you know what to expect at your first infertility appointment, you can become an informed consumer and have a frank conversation that leads to a sound doctor-patient relationship.

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