Quit Smoking; Protect Your Fertility

Quit Smoking; Protect Your Fertility Quit Smoking; Protect Your Fertility

It may sound quick and easy, sure, but how do you quit an addictive habit like smoking? Read on for 3 surefire ways to kick the habit, protect your health and boost your fertility.

Tip 1: Seek professional help if necessary.
If you have tried to stop smoking, and failed, it is time to call in the professionals. Ask your doctor for recommendations for smoking cessation products and programs that might work for you. (If you are trying to get pregnant, get your doctor's permission before using any smoking cessation products).

Tip 2: Set goals for yourself.
Your first goal may be to not smoke while you are trying to conceive. When you become pregnant, commit to avoiding smoking (and smokers) during pregnancy. Once your baby is born, you will probably be over the worst of any difficult withdrawal symptoms. After your baby is born, keep him or her away from cigarette smoke and strive to never smoke again.

Tip 3: Avoid secondhand smoke.
Secondhand smoke can affect your fertility and affect your baby's health. Sadly, babies that live with smokers have higher rates of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) than babies that live with nonsmokers.

If you still smoke, or live with a smoker, it is never too late to make a change to improve your health. The bottom line? Quit smoking and reduce your exposure to cigarette smoke. If you do, it might help you get pregnant faster and bring home a baby.

For more information about smoking and fertility, or to find a fertility doctor near you, contact your local Attain Fertility clinic.

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