Sex & Infertility: 5 Ways to Make Time for Intimacy

Sex & Infertility: 5 Ways to Make Time for Intimacy Sex & Infertility: 5 Ways to Make Time for Intimacy

Has your sex drive disappeared? Do you feel less sexy since infertility treatments began? You can keep the spark alive! It may be hard, and it might take work, but you can find time for intimacy and sex, even when trying to get pregnant.

  1. Schedule date nights. Block off one night each week for each other. Whether you choose to stay in or go out, turn off the television. Make an effort to connect on emotional and physical levels.
  2. Get out of the house. You don't have to stay inside on date night. Get outside, explore a natural setting, or engage in a favorite sport.
  3. Trade off. If you have trouble agreeing on date night activities, consider alternating planning duties. Go to a spa one week and a baseball game another week. Focus on having fun and enjoying your time with your partner.
  4. Use your time wisely. If your schedule and career allow, consider scheduling dates during lunchtime. Allow ample time after "lunch" in case your date ends up in the bedroom.
  5. Show your love through gifting. This should be reciprocal. Give him gifts and encourage him to give gifts to you. These sweet presents may be simple (a few handpicked flowers) or ornate (diamond jewelry, anyone?). Showing how much you care about each other may help increase romantic feelings for each other. 

Reviewed June 2011 by Dr. Marie Davidson, clinical psychologist at Fertility Centers of Illinois.

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