Coping with Infertility? 10 Ways to Relax

Coping with Infertility? 10 Ways to Relax Coping with Infertility? 10 Ways to Relax

You have entered what feels like the longest journey of your life. Tests, treatments, and the two-week wait. It's no wonder that you are feeling down. Most people coping with infertility feel frustrated or helpless at one time or another. Here are some strategies to help you get through infertility burnout:

  1. Practice acceptance. Let go of your former expectations that pregnancy would come easily. Let yourself cry if you need to and experience the soothing effects of your tears.
  2. Read up on the stages of grief and allow yourself to mourn. Be present with yourself and acknowledge that right now you are having trouble getting pregnant. And then let that go.
  3. Seek stress relief with mind-body practices. Experiment with massage, yoga, acupuncture, tai chi, and meditation to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual you.
  4. When dealing with infertility, it is important to pamper yourself. Get your nails done, plan a girls' night out, or take a mini beach vacation. Listen to your heart.
  5. Infertility treatments can be stressful so give yourself a break in other areas of your life when possible. You don't have to be superwoman right now. Let go of any perfectionist tendencies and do the minimum necessary to get by.
  6. Take others up on their offers to help. Ask for emotional support from your partner, friends, relatives, and others. Let them know how and when to support you during this difficult time.
  7. Find infertility support online. Check out bulletin boards, Facebook pages, and other websites to get IVF support and guidance on infertility treatments. 
  8. Get social. Talk about your feelings or share your infertility story with a trusted friend or relative. Start an infertility blog, even if it's anonymous.
  9. If treatments fail, or if you decide to take a break from infertility treatments, have a Plan B in place. Seek guidance from your fertility doctor or counselor about what to do next.
  10. Seek emotional support from an individual or group counselor. If you are unable to function at work, school, or home, you may need professional help.

Infertility can bring high levels of stress, anxiety, sadness, and grief. If trouble getting pregnant has got you feeling depressed or down most of the day, most days of the week, talk to a professional counselor about your feelings. If you are unsure of where to get help, ask your doctor for a recommendation.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and the American Fertility Association offer many articles, videos, and more on the topic of infertility emotional support. Check out their websites for more information.