Finding Balance With Yoga for Infertility

Finding Balance With Yoga for Infertility Finding Balance With Yoga for Infertility

If fertility treatments are causing you to feel stressed and out of sorts, find balance and harmony with yoga for infertility classes. 

The discipline of yoga addresses physical, mental and emotional issues that block the human body. In fact, many proponents of yoga for infertility believe in the power of yoga to help them conceive and have a baby.

Yoga for infertility can be done anywhere
Yoga, an ancient practice of physical exercises, breathing rituals and meditations, has been studied and practiced for thousands of years.

You can practice yoga alone in the comfort of your home or use a DVD to help get you started. If you are a social type, most gyms and fitness centers offer yoga classes for all fitness levels.

Beginning yoga students may want to attend classes at a yoga studio, where skilled teachers help new students learn how to safely practice yoga. Before starting yoga, please check with your reproductive endocrinologist or OB/GYN

Yoga has unlimited benefits
The practice of yoga for infertility helps on many levels. Regular yoga practice improves your strength and flexibility.

Frequently repeating the same yoga stretches and poses can help you to have more body awareness. Relaxing into deep stretches and focusing on deep breathing can bring about feelings of inner peace and calm, a great mental and emotional benefit.

Many women find that focusing on yoga for infertility problems helps them to have more self-acceptance about their struggle to conceive and have a baby. It may help women with anxiety, depression and mood disorders, especially when combined with individual or group therapy.

Scientists are studying yoga for infertility
Can yoga for infertility help you conceive? Possibly. Multiple studies have confirmed that mind/body therapies increase pregnancy rates.

Health interventions that combine yoga, psychotherapy and acupuncture have been shown to help couples conceive. These interventions help to reduce stress. When stress hormones build up in the body, symptoms of anxiety and depression can develop, causing long-term problems.

Can yoga boost your sex life?
It’s well known that regular exercise can increase your sex drive. Because yoga is a form of physical exercise, your sex life might benefit if you practice yoga. For infertility, yoga can help boost your libido during your most fertile time. It can help you relax and take your mind off infertility frustrations and thoughts of not being able to get pregnant.

Vigorous yoga styles like power yoga and Bikram yoga help improve endurance and stamina, so you have more energy in the bedroom. Some believe that the practice of yoga for infertility reasons might boost circulation in the pelvic region, sending blood flow to your reproductive organs.

Yoga for infertility and relaxation
We are not strangers to stress, and infertility is a tremendous stress for millions of couples today. Stress releases powerful chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol. These substances can wreak havoc on your body’s system – including your reproductive system.

Learning mind/body relaxation therapies can help during times of great stress. For example, you could try meditating during an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure to help you relax. Try a nightly stretching routine to help you sleep when you are anxiously awaiting results from various tests. Since yoga reduces insomnia, grab your yoga mat to help you sleep.

Breathing is key 
In yoga, you consciously focus on each breath you take. This form of mindfulness helps to keep you from thinking about what you should or shouldn't be doing.

Yoga for infertility helps you to end self-criticism when thoughts of being infertile weigh you down. The mental practice you learn from yoga for infertility translates to your daily life. You will learn that obsessive worries do not have control on your fertility journey and future family.

To boost fertility, it’s important to be fit, healthy and happy. The practice of yoga for infertility may help you to make positive changes that benefit your physical, mental and emotional health.

Ask a doctor about alternative fertility treatments

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