Serving couples from the Rocky Mountain Region and throughout the world for close to two decades, CRE’s multidisciplinary team have provided personal, individualized care to thousands of couples. Our team’s reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Trout, ensures that each patient receives the treatment that is right for them. Dr. Jonathan Van Blerkom operates CRE’s IVF lab, which was named by US News and World Report as one of the nation’s top 10 laboratories dealing with advanced reproductive technologies. The remainder of our team assists with procedures, develops new treatment plans, and plays an integral role in caring for and educating our patients. CRE participates with a number of insurance plans. We encourage you to fully understand your benefits prior to initiating treatment so that you can make informed choices about the treatments recommended.

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Your success rate is dependent upon your age and personal medical history.
To discuss your chances of having a baby, schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist.
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