With the high cost of some infertility treatments, determining how to pay for it all is a critical step. In this Topic Center, Fertility Finance, we discuss all of the different financial aspects you must consider as you budget for infertility.

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The cost of fertility treatments
Find out the latest numbers and what to expect when paying for fertility treatments. In this Topic Center, Attain Fertility® reviews prices for a number of fertility treatments around the nation. We also share the latest facts about national infertility insurance coverage, (or the lack thereof!)

For most of us, insurance will not cover our fertility treatment costs. For others, insurance may cover some, or maybe even most of, the cost of treatment. If you are stuck coughing up a big personal payment for infertility, there are many options you can consider to offset your out-of-pocket expenses.

Paying for IVF
For patients who plan to undergo IVF treatment, we offer details about our very own Attain® IVF program. Attain IVF programs are proven course-of-treatment programs that provide multiple IVF treatment cycles for a single discounted, fixed fee. These programs can make the cost of IVF treatment manageable with a variety of options for you to choose from. Most women will need more than one IVF cycle to get pregnant, and Attain IVF programs are designed to keep costs affordable so patients can stay in treatment longer and increase their chances of success.

Payment alternatives
In the Fertility Finance Topic Center we explain the following:

  • How to find a variety of secured and unsecured loans for fertility treatments
  • Grant funding options for fertility treatments and adoption
  • Creative ways to save and plan for infertility

Understanding your best fertility-financing path will ensure that you’re able to stay the course of treatment and realize your dream of having a baby. Get started saving, budgeting, and dreaming by clicking on the links over to your left.

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