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Do yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy sound dreamy to you? Mind/body treatments are often good for fertility, and they can be relaxing and enjoyable, too. In this Topic Center, Healthy Living, we discuss how these alternative and complementary treatments might benefit your fertility, possibly increasing success rates for your future infertility treatments.

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Find your healthiest weight
In Healthy Living, we review fertility weight goals for men and women, and how you can get to a healthy weight. Find out where you fit in by using the Attain Fertility BMI Calculator. Whether you are underweight or overweight, make it your goal to get to a healthy weight this year. Your health and your fertility depend on it.

Eat right for fertility
What about a fertility diet…does it exist? In this Topic Center, we explain scientific findings about beneficial foods for women with ovulation problems. For best fertility results, consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly to best maintain your health and your fertility. And please get your doctor’s approval before you make any drastic changes.

Let's talk about sex...and fertility
Sexual problems can plague any couple, and women going through infertility treatment are especially at risk. In Healthy Living, Attain Fertility offers dozens of tips on how to connect with your sensuality and connect with your partner even in the midst of major infertility stress. Women with fertility problems face a higher risk for sexual problems than other women, making it important to find ways to increase bonding and intimacy during this time.

Be fearless and try something new. Make some healthy changes in your life and boost your fertility.

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