How It Works

You want a baby. We want to help.

How? By sharing the financial risk. Designed with the knowledge that it often takes many IVF cycles for a patient to get pregnant, our programs give you the best chance of having a baby with the least amount of financial stress.

Think of it like this, in a fictional dream world an IVF cycle costs $15. You buy a program for $30 and start IVF. If you get pregnant on your first try, you’re out $15, but you have a baby so it was money well spent. However, if your first cycle isn’t successful and it takes multiple cycles to have a baby we take the financial hit for you.

Another way we help reduce stress is by giving you a break. Literally. We work with fertility practices all over the country to establish global pricing, which saves costs so we can offer you discounts of up to 40% less than your clinic’s retail pricing.

We also reduce the number of bills you have to deal with – you have enough on your plate. When you purchase an Attain Fertility Multi-Cycle Discount Program we handle the bills from your fertility practice, paying each bill as you go through each cycle.

Similar to insurance policies, our multi-cycle discount programs provide financial protection and peace of mind so you can focus on more important things.