Acupuncture Video Demonstrates How Treatment Works and the Benefits for Women Going Through IVF

(Purchase, NY)  As acupuncture continues to gain acceptance, more Western physicians are seeing the positive outcomes their fertility patients experience when combining the two modalities. In a recent educational video and fact sheet by The American Fertility Association (, the potential benefits are discussed along with a demonstration of how acupuncture treatment works.

The video and accompanying fact sheet, titled Acupuncture, Stress and In Vitro Fertilization, features Sandy Goodman, M.D. of The Reproductive Medicine Group in Tampa, Florida and Kym Black-Caporale, AP, DOM, a licensed acupuncturist. The two frequently partner in the treatment of IVF patients. The video, funded by Attain Fertility® , is part of a series that addresses a wide range of fertility issues and options for people hoping to have a baby. The Reproductive Medicine Group is part of the Attain Fertility Network.

Dr. Goodman has worked with many patients who have achieved successful pregnancies and improved their overall health by adding acupuncture to their treatment. “IVF patients can consider using an acupuncturist along with treatment because several benefits have been noted not only by physicians but also in our literature,” Dr. Goodman explains.

 “Many of our patients find that the stress related to infertility is overwhelming and stress does release certain hormones that can be counterproductive to pregnancy. When our patients undergo acupuncture many of them find a tremendous reduction in their stress levels and this is extremely helpful in allowing them to undergo the treatment successfully and to be able to handle the additional stresses that come along with the treatment,” says Dr. Goodman.

Viewers are taken through an actual acupuncture session in which Kym shows how thin and flexible the needles are as she gently places them in a patient’s belly and feet. As she works Kym explains that by placing the needles in the ‘conceptual channel’, surrounding the abdomen and umbilicus, “we’re increasing blood circulation and warming the area”. One can see that as the hair-thin needles are placed, the patient remains very relaxed, barely reacting to their insertion.

Acupuncture does not cure infertility however it has been seen to benefit individuals trying to conceive naturally as well as through the use of various forms of assisted reproductive technology, including IVF. Among the benefits sited:

  • Stress reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Regulation of menstrual cycles
  • Emotional stamina
  • Enhanced psychological coping

Other benefits of acupuncture are thought to include:

  • Circulation of blood flow in the pelvic cavity
  • Improvement of ovulation
  • Improvement of uterine lining thickness
  • Relaxation of uterus and diminishment or cessation of uterine contractions
  • Promotion o follicle production
  • Reduction of inflammation

Dr. Goodman and Kym Caporale both agree that their collaboration of Western reproductive endocrinology and Eastern acupuncture provides an opportunity for them to reach the mutual goal of having the best outcome for their fertility patients who become successfully pregnant.  It also allows the patients a level of comfort in being able to share their experiences with both practitioners and allows the practitioners to truly treat the whole person.

The entire AFA video series is available on Attain Fertility’s YouTube channel.