IntegraMed Fertility Announces Attain IVF Reaches Record 10,000 Program Enrollments

(Purchase, NY-February 11, 2013) IntegraMed Fertility® announced that they have reached a significant milestone in their Attain® IVF Program, with 10,000 program enrollments. The Attain IVF Programs are offered exclusively at clinics in IntegraMed’s Attain Fertility® Network, the largest in the nation. About 25% of all IVF cycles in the U.S. annually are performed by fertility specialists in the Attain Fertility Network.

The Attain IVF Programs are proven course-of-treatment programs that provide multiple IVF cycles for a single discounted, fixed fee. Attain IVF enrollees save up to 40% off their care compared to paying for the same treatment plan on a cycle-by-cycle basis.

“Most women will need more than one IVF cycle to be successful. Our programs allow patients to take care of the financial concerns upfront so they can commit to a treatment plan without the worries of how many cycles they can afford. It reduces stress,” explained Maureen Gill-Higgins, Clinical Operations Director for Attain IVF. “We know this approach works. Eighty percent of enrollees who complete the program have a baby. *

Attain IVF Programs are an excellent choice for patients with limited or no health insurance.

  • The Attain IVF Multi-Cycle Program provides up to four IVF cycles and is offered to all patients who plan to use their own eggs and whose doctor recommends IVF.
  • The Attain IVF Refund Program is available to patients who meet certain medical criteria and provides up to six IVF cycles. There’s up to a 70% refund if treatment is unsuccessful.
  • Donor Egg Programs are available to most women who plan to use donor eggs. It includes up to three fresh and unlimited frozen cycles and provides up to a 100% refund if treatment is not successful.

“We understand the significant financial commitment people make when building their families through IVF. We’re proud to have provided 10,000 couples hope along with a means to make IVF costs more manageable,” concluded Gill-Higgins.

* Reflects the time period of 2010-2011.