Fertility Injections: How to Make it a Shared Experience for Couples

(Purchase, NY) How to Give and Receive an Injection: A Guide For Infertility Patients and Their Partners is the newest video to be released by The American Fertility Association (http://theafa.org/). The video is funded by Attain Fertility™ (http://attainfertility.com/).

How to Give and Receive an Injection focuses on how couples going through infertility treatment can make fertility drug injections a safe, shared experience.

The video features Psychologist Dr. Andrea Braverman, Ph. D. of Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) of New Jersey, an Attain Fertility Centers practice. Dr. Braverman explains the benefits of injecting as a couple:

  •     It becomes a shared experience that is less lonely for both the woman and her partner
  •     It reduces stress and anxiety over self-injecting
  •     It becomes part of their child’s life story rather than making it an intrusion

In the video, real life patients Robbie and Brian Schuler also demonstrate giving and receiving an injection under the supervision of Monica Benson, RNC, BSN from RMA New Jersey.

“The advantage of injecting together as a couple is that it brings the process to both of them; that it’s a joint project and something that needs to be communicated,” concludes Dr. Braverman.

How to Give and Receive an Injection can be found on the AFA website, AttainFertility.com and the Attain Fertility YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/attainfertility). The series of approximately 20 videos to be released throughout the year and will feature fertility experts from the Attain Fertility Network who address a variety of fertility-related topics.

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