Attain Fertility Offers Viable Options for Cancer Patients and Those Delaying Parenthood

(Purchase, NY) Timing is everything when starting a family. Whether in light of practical or unforeseen circumstances, there are many reasons why couples choose to have children later in life. Lowell T. Ku, M.D. of Dallas IVF, an Attain Fertility® Center, explains the options available today as well as those on the horizon for patients who may want or need to delay parenthood in “Fertility Preservation.” The short video and accompanying fact sheet were produced by The American Fertility Association, with funding from Attain Fertility Centers.

“Fertility preservation is a relatively new area of reproductive medicine that is meant to preserve the fertility of men, women, and children who may be undergoing treatments that might render them sterile,” says Dr. Ku. Ideal for patients who have been diagnosed with a serious illness or may not be ready to start a family, fertility preservation treatments are a safe way to ensure that a healthy baby is still in a couple’s future. Additionally, Dr. Ku identifies military personnel and those who live in communities with high levels of pesticides or heavy metals as candidates for fertility preservation. “It’s not only important as a reproductive health issue, but also a quality of life issue.”

The most common fertility preservation treatment offered today is freezing, or cryopreservation. Patients who undergo invasive procedures including surgery, chemotherapy or radiation may elect to freeze and store sperm or fertilized embryos prior to treatment. Additionally in the video, Dr. Ku addresses vitrification, a promising breakthrough in reproductive medicine that will allow women to store unfertilized eggs. Dr. Ku sees vitrification as well as more experimental procedures including freezing ovaries or testes becoming widely-accepted methods of preserving fertility in the coming days. “With this new technology, we have found that subsequent pregnancy rates are almost as good or just as good as freezing embryos.”

“I’m really hopeful with some really smart researchers out there that a lot more options will be available in the near future,” says Dr. Ku. “It will make it so much easier for men and women who have been unfortunately diagnosed with tough diagnoses such as cancer to help them fulfill their dream of having a family.”

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