Attain Fertility and The AFA Provide Important Information Through Fertility Education Video Series

 (Purchase, NY) What is In Vitro Fertilization? and Questions to Ask at your Initial Consultation are the newest videos to be released by The American Fertility Association ( The videos are funded by Attain Fertility™ (

What is In Vitro Fertilization? features Amy Criniti, MD of Seattle Reproductive Medicine, an Attain Fertility Center. Dr. Criniti explains, in easily accessible language, the basics about IVF including IVF as a viable option for a number of diagnoses including:

  •     Endometriosis
  •     Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  •     Tubal damages or blocked tubes
  •     Cervical factor
  •     Immunological factors
  •     Male factor infertility
  •     Unexplained infertility

She also offers a number of success tips to help couples maximize their chances of getting pregnant including:

  •     Do your homework to screen and choose a successful IVF Center
  •     How to take time to relax
  •     How to create open dialogue with doctor
  •     How to be educated, proactive and an active participant in your IVF cycle

What is In Vitro Fertilization? is a wonderful lead-in to the next video in the series:
Questions To Ask at Your Initial Consultation featuring Christine Wachs, MD of the Reproductive Science Center of the San Francisco Bay Area, also an Attain Fertility Center.

Couples are often overwhelmed with information regarding IVF, whether they are meeting with a reproductive endocrinologist for the first time, consulting with a new doctor or returning for multiple cycles of IVF. It’s easy to forget all of your questions and the most important thing Dr. Wachs says, is to be prepared. She suggests starting a list of questions a few days before your first visit and keeping your list handy so that as questions arise, you will have them all written or printed in one, convenient place. The other important point Dr. Wachs stresses is to be sure to ask your doctor to repeat any information that isn’t perfectly clear and understandable to you. Among the prepared questions she suggests:

  •     What testing will my partner and I have to through prior to fertility treatment?
  •     Where do we go from here?
  •     How long will treatment last?
  •     What are realistic success rates?
  •     How many IVF attempts do you make?
  •     What are the odds of having multiples?
  •     How will you monitor my treatment?
  •     What role does the nursing staff play? Do they return calls or do you?
  •     What are the costs?

Both What is In Vitro Fertilization? and Questions to Ask at your Initial Consultation can be found on the AFA website, and the Attain Fertility YouTube channel ( The series of approximately 20 videos to be released throughout the year will feature fertility experts from the Attain Fertility Network who address a variety of fertility-related topics.

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