The Attain Assist Program aims at providing eligible IVF patients access to even more affordable IVF care. Attain Fertility’s assistance program was developed in response to the Federal government’s failure to pass The Family Act in 2012, which would have provided a tax credit for families paying for IVF, as well as uncertainty about what benefits, if any, the Affordable Care Act will provide for IVF patients.

Through Attain Assist, qualifying patients will receive even deeper discounts off Attain Fertility programs, which provide discounts of up to 40% off their treatment plan. With Attain Assist, patients could save as much as 20% more off the already-discounted program fee. Attain Assist is available for all Attain Fertility Programs and is currently offered at select fertility centers in the Attain Fertility Network.

Discount levels and eligibility vary from practice to practice, but typically include hopeful parents-to-be who are serving our country and our community as a way of “assisting” those who are assisting others, such as military families, first responders, teachers, and patients in financial need.

“Because age plays such an important role in a person’s fertility, there simply isn’t time for many people to wait to see how and if the Affordable Care Act might help them with their fertility treatment costs. In addition, we are aware that many people seeking fertility treatment are veterans, first responders, teachers, and others who dedicate their lives to keeping all of us protected and educated. We feel a strong sense of responsibility and want to extend a hand back to them,” said Maureen Gill-Higgins, RN, MSN, WHNP, Director of Clinical Operations, at IntegraMed Fertility. “We know the program works ” – 80% of Attain Fertility enrollees who complete our program have a baby. We want to make sure we can help as many couples as possible have the family of their dreams.”

IntegraMed Fertility has the nation’s largest fertility network, with 25% of all IVF cycles annually in the U.S. being performed by a fertility specialist within the network. For information about discounts offered at participating centers in the Attain Fertility Network, call the Attain Customer Care Line (866) 968-7483.