If you’re worried about paying for treatment, you’re not alone. A recent Fertility Patient Study conducted by Attain Fertility®, shows that nearly 70% of those who think they have fertility problems and haven’t sought help, cite the cost of fertility treatment as their top reason.

There are a number of options available to you when it comes to paying for fertility treatment. Loans for infertility treatment, for example, are a popular choice for many hopeful parents-to-be. With the high cost of fertility procedures, financing part of your treatment may mean the difference between being able to move forward with treatment or putting it off until you have the cash reserves needed to pay out-of-pocket.

Fertility Loans

Fertility loans, home equity loans or lines of credit, and credit cards are all viable options when it comes to paying for infertility. Lenders will use your credit history to determine your eligibility, how much you can borrow and at what terms. You may be able to use a home equity line of credit, take a loan against your 401K or other investment and insurance policy for fertility financing. Or, if you have been a loyal customer who’s in good standing, your credit card issuer may increase your line of credit (sometimes at a reduced rate) that you can use as part of your infertility-financing plan. If you have a financial counselor, he/she can advise you on which of these financing options may be best for you.

Our Attain Customer Care team is available to help navigate the options available to you. Through Attain, you have access to our third party partners who may be able to provide financing.  These vendors include:

HCS Loans

Offers a simple HCS payment calculator and easy to navigate online application.  Applications take about 5 minutes to complete and loan qualification is communicated instantly.  HCS offers competitive rates and easy to use online tools for managing your account.  You can access the online application by clicking the HCS logo on this page.

Health Credit Services (HCS) is our trusted financing partner for patients undergoing fertility treatment.

HCS employs much care and consideration when providing our patients with fertility treatment financing opportunities. They make moving forward with fertility treatment fast and simple through affordable, accessible lending options.

HCS advantages include:

  • A straightforward, quick and easy application process
  • No application fees
  • State-of-the-art internet security to ensure safe and secure data
  • Instant loan processing with loan decisions made in seconds
  • Low monthly payments with extended terms
  • Competitive, fixed rate APRs (Annual Percentage Rates)
  • No down payments or pre-payment penalties
  • Convenient online portal to access your balance and make payments
  • Apply online today and receive an instant loan decision. Please be aware that HCS loans can only be used for services performed within SRM.

Lending Club

You have access to financing through Lending Club Patient Solutions.  Contact Lending Club at 800-630-1663 or click here for lending details.

With Lending Club Patient Solutions’ calculator you can run different scenarios – loan amount and payment terms – to determine what works best for you and your budget. Lending Club Patient Solutions is available at fertility clinics within the Attain Fertility Network and can be used for a variety of fertility treatments, including Multi-Cycle programs.

  • Loans from $2,000 – $50,000
  • Terms from 24 to 84 months
  • Pay off your loan anytime with no prepayment penalty


You also have access to financing through CAPEX MD.  Contact CAPEX at 888-222-8402 or click here for details.

When you are evaluating which option is right for you, make sure you take into consideration the lifetime cost of your loan by factoring in the loan term and interest rate. By knowing the bottom line, you’ll be in a better position to plan for your family’s future. In this section, find out about your infertility loan financing options that can help you make your family building dreams possible.