Infertility and stress go hand in hand. In fact, an infertility diagnosis is reportedly as stressful as being diagnosed with cancer. With that in mind, Attain Fertility® has come up with this Topic Center, Fertility Support, outlining steps you can take to reduce stress and find peace of mind on your fertility journey.

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Coping with infertility stress
In this Topic Center, Fertility Support, we review the following, and more:

  • How to cope on Mother’s Day, Christmas, and other major holidays
  • How to cope with infertility on a daily basis
  • How to communicate with friends, family members and co-workers
  • How to manage your infertility stress and not let it overcome you
  • How to build your own infertility support network

Infertility and relationships
Infertility stress doesn’t just affect you – infertility stress also affects your partner. We don’t just want to help you get pregnant – we want to help you get pregnant while maintaining a loving and fulfilling relationship with your partner. In Fertility Support, we offer many tips and words of wisdom to help you connect and bond with your partner, even while going through infertility treatments.

Find an infertility counselor
Another great resource to take advantage of while undergoing fertility treatments is an infertility therapist. Many of the Attain Fertility clinics offer counseling services on site or can recommend a therapist nearby that can help you out with any difficult feelings during this time.

Overall, try to make sure you have a number of coping strategiesto get you through those really difficult moments. Infertility stress can affect your mental state, physical health, and even your relationships and career path. This makes it so important to figure out how best to take care of your mental health while living with infertility.

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