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Make an appointment with a fertility specialist if you have questions about adenomyosis and infertility. Talk openly with your doctor about your concerns.

Questions to ask
If you are concerned about adenomyosis, you may want to bring the following list of questions to your doctor:

  • Will medication or surgical treatments for adenomyosis help me get pregnant?
  • What are the side effects, risks and benefits of the different adenomyosis fertility treatments?
  • Can I start with just medication treatment? How successful might that be?
  • What are my chances of getting pregnant with adenomyosis?

Get help now
It is important to learn all you can regarding health problems that affect your reproductive health. Seek early treatment for adenomyosis.

Talking with a specialist or reproductive endocrinologist about your inability to conceive may allow you to benefit from the latest advances in fertility treatments for adenomyosis.