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Is pregnancy even possible after cancer treatment ends? For many women, the answer is yes. With the help from a fertility specialist, fertility treatments and careful planning, you may be able to become pregnant after cancer treatment ends. In this section, we share resources to help you make the best decisions about family planning before your cancer treatment begins.

Fertility after cancer
If you are hoping to become a parent after your recovery from cancer treatment, educate yourself on the latest treatment options for people with cancer. Your options may include the following:

While numerous fertility treatment options exist for people with cancer, many of these medical procedures are expensive. If you are concerned about the cost of these procedures, look into fertility preservation financial assistance programs. Organizations such as Fertile Hope and Fertile Action may be able to help.

Cancer during pregnancy
What about pregnant women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy? If you are pregnant and have cancer, here are three facts about cancer and pregnancy that may give you peace of mind:

  • Many pregnant women with cancer give birth to healthy babies.
  • The cancer prognosis for pregnant women with cancer is similar to the cancer prognosis for women that are not pregnant.
  • Cancer and cancer treatment do not usually affect a fetus as long as special care is taken during the pregnancy

Breastfeeding and cancer
Some cancer treatments should be delayed or avoided during pregnancy, while others are safe. Breast milk may not be safe for your baby during certain types of cancer treatment. If you receive cancer treatment while breastfeeding, ask your doctor if it is safe to give breast milk to your baby.

If you are facing cancer treatment and are concerned about your fertility, talk to your oncologist. For the most accurate assessment of your fertility potential after cancer treatments, see a fertility specialist before cancer treatment begins.