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Endometriosis symptoms affect millions of women today. If you are having trouble getting pregnant, and have risk factors for endometriosis, make an appointment with a fertility specialist. After a pelvic exam and other tests, your doctor may prescribe medication, surgery, or a combination of the two, to help you get pregnant.

Natural treatment for endometriosis
Along with conventional endometriosis treatments, ask your doctor about natural therapies that may relieve endometriosis symptoms, including:

  • Lowering estrogen levels through regular exercise
  • Staying at a healthy body weight
  • Avoiding alcohol and caffeine
  • Trying relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation
  • Making changes to your diet

A natural endometriosis treatment plan focusing on lifestyle changes may help to support a more positive fertility outcome. For example, regular exercise has been shown in several studies to reduce a woman’s risk of endometriosis. With your doctor’s permission, incorporate regular exercise into your daily lifestyle to increase your fitness level and manage your endometriosis symptoms.

Pregnancy is possible
Many women get pregnant with endometriosis and have healthy babies, although conceiving may be more difficult with endometriosis. Some women with endometriosis report that their symptoms improve during pregnancy. Still, endometriosis symptoms often return later in life. More good news is that some women find that their endometriosis symptoms get better after they go through menopause.

Help is available
Ask your doctor about endometriosis diagnosis and treatment options. Incorporating healthy lifestyle changes into your routine may help you achieve your dreams of bringing a home a beautiful, healthy baby.