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A miscarriage may be one of the most intensely sad and emotional experiences that you may ever have. Losing a pregnancy can make you worry, wondering if you will ever be able to get pregnant again or have a healthy baby. You may even be asking yourself if you did something wrong or could have prevented this somehow.  

Facts about miscarriage
Thankfully, many women do go on to have healthy pregnancies and deliveries after miscarriage. The following statistics shed some light as to what you may be able to expect regarding your fertility after miscarriage. 

  • About one in four pregnancies are lost within the first few months. Some experts believe that this number may be as high as one in two pregnancies. Many women miscarry before they ever know they are pregnant.
  • Very early miscarriages that occur shortly after an embryo implants are called "chemical pregnancies." If you have a chemical pregnancy, you may not even know that you are pregnant, as the miscarriage will occur right around the time that you would have normally had your period.
  • Most miscarriages take place within the first 3 months of pregnancy. Because of this, many women keep the news of pregnancy quiet until they are past the 13-week mark. Once they are safely past the end of the first trimester, many women breathe a sigh of relief as the likelihood of miscarriage has decreased.
  • Miscarriage during the 2nd trimester is very rare and only occurs in an estimated 1 to 5 percent of pregnancies. A pregnancy lost after 20 weeks gestation is known as a stillbirth. 
  • The loss of two or more pregnancies is considered, by medical definition, recurrent miscarriage. Recurrent miscarriage, or recurring pregnancy loss, is an emotionally charged and heartbreaking experience for many couples.

For half of all miscarriages, the cause is never determined. But on the bright side, most women who experience a miscarriage (or several) will ultimately go on to have healthy babies.

Remain hopeful
If you have had a miscarriage, it is natural and very normal to wonder if you will ever be able to get pregnant again. You may feel tremendous grief and wonder if fertility after miscarriage is even possible. Hope is a powerful tool. Remember that most women who experience miscarriage will one day conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.