Fertility Support - Family & Friends

If you are dealing with fertility problems, you know how stressful everyday encounters and social gatherings can be, especially when you face uncomfortable questions from family, friends and coworkers about having children. Knowing how to respond is difficult at best.

Can others relate to your pain?
Chances are, unless your friends and family have experienced a significant loss, they won't really be able to relate to what you are going through. As hard as it may be, it could be helpful in the long run to talk about your feelings or share your infertility story. If it feels right, ask for emotional support from others. Let them know how and when to support you during this difficult time.

Breathe and relax
If you are feeling nervous or shaky inside when sharing your story, take a few deep breaths to relax and ground yourself. When you are ready to talk, begin by communicating your feelings. Here are some examples:

  • I feel (sad, nervous, upset) when you ask me about having children.
  • I really need support right now because I feel (frustrated, scared, sad) inside.
  • I know that you want to see me more often, but I am feeling (sad, lonely, tired) lately.

Only tell people as much as you want to share. If this sounds too hard right now, and you want to keep your story inside, that is OK too. When you are ready to talk, identify an appropriate time and place. Make sure you have time before and after the conversation to relax and compose yourself if necessary.

Find ways to cope
A journey to conceive after infertility can often take years, not months. Find ways to best support yourself and your tender feelings as you move forward on your path. Surround yourself with those who truly care.