Fertility Support

Fertility Support Fertility Support

Infertility is a trying experience and can get the best of even the strongest people. In fact, many couples rate in vitro fertilization (IVF) as one of the biggest stressors in their lives. In this section, Fertility Support, we offer you a number of resources to help you cope with infertility and the stress that accompanies fertility testing and treatment. 

Explore ways to cope
In this Topic Center, we offer suggestions and tips to help you deal with infertility stress. We share articles that outline the following:

  • Ways to talk about your feelings, relax and enjoy life again, and bond with your partner. 
  • Strategies to help you get through difficult holidays with infertility, like Mother's Day, Christmas, and more. 
  • Ideas to help you feel stronger and more competent at handling whatever your journey brings.

Infertility and depression
If you are feeling depressed while dealing with infertility, you are not alone. Help is available, just ask your fertility doctor or make an appointment with an infertility counselor. Or, find support online with the help of infertility support groups and social media pages, like the Attain Fertility Facebook page

Find peace of mind
It may seem impossible to accept now, but you will resolve your fertility journey one day. You may find yourself pregnant soon or decide to stop trying. Until then, find peace of mind by accepting that the fertility journey is often out of your control. You may become pregnant, adopt, use a surrogate, or ultimately choose childfree living. Whatever your future holds, this is your reality now. Accept this reality and find peace with your fertility journey. This section will show you how.