Fertility Support - Stress Relief

It is unclear whether stress plays a role in causing infertility. Some studies show a relationship between stress and fertility problems, while others don’t. As experts explore this issue further, it is important for all of us to understand that infertility can cause a lot of stress.

Why is infertility so stressful?
Here at Attain Fertility® we understand how stressful infertility can be. Most men and women going through infertility treatment report the following stressors during the process:

  • The lack of control over the outcome
  • Stress over the high cost of infertility treatment
  • Missing so much time at work
  • The strain on personal relationships
  • Physical discomforts and side effects of treatments

While stress and worry are normal responses to infertility, stress is not good for your health. If you find yourself feeling stress symptoms such as extreme emotional highs and lows, high anxiety, depression, or isolation, talk to your doctor or another trusted professional.

Are you at risk for depression?
We all vary in how worried we get in life, how flexible we are when times get tough, how much we want to be in control, and how we manage our stress. If you tend to be inflexible, like to be in control, or have trouble managing stress, you may be more likely to have trouble coping on your family-building journey. See an infertility therapist or talk to your doctor if infertility stress is becoming too much to bear.

Ask for help on your journey
As you travel along on your family-building path, take advantage of your infertility support options, like counselors and online support groups. Find strategies to help you cope with infertility stress. Empower yourself by learning all you can about your infertility options and be confident enough to seek help when the going gets tough.