Healthy Living - Diet & Exercise

A healthy diet and exercise program doesn’t just benefit your health. Staying active and eating a balanced diet will help you feel better on a daily basis, with many women reporting reduced stress and improved mood when following good health habits. In this section we share fertility diet and exercise tips to help you get healthy.

Get to a healthy fertility weight
If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you may wonder if weight issues are partly to blame. When trying to get pregnant, being underweight or overweight doesn’t just hurt your health. It can also make it harder for you to get pregnant. Before you get pregnant, make every attempt to stay within a healthy weight range. By staying at a healthy weight before pregnancy, you can boost your chances of conceiving and prevent some complications of pregnancy.

Try the fertility diet
Researchers at Harvard believe they found the secret to eating right for fertility. If ovulation problems are affecting you, read about the fertility diet, easy diet changes you can make that might regulate your ovulation cycles. A registered dietician or nutritionist can guide you in making smart dietary choices for your prenatal health.

Get moving
Whether you struggle with your weight or not, ask your doctor about an exercise routine that is safe for you to practice before and during pregnancy. Regular exercise can help you lose weight, and may also reduce your stress levels, making conception and pregnancy easier. Once you are pregnant, you will want to avoid exercises that pose a high risk of injury or falling. Yoga, swimming, walking, and stationary biking are all good options for the prenatal period and beyond.

Before you start a new diet or exercise program, make sure your doctor agrees that it is safe for you to begin, especially if you are undergoing fertility treatments. Some fertility treatments are not compatible with certain vigorous exercise programs.