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Infertility can be physically and emotionally draining, and it may take a toll on your relationship. If you have noticed a loss of intimacy in your partnership lately, find ways to add the sizzle back in.

In this section, Attain Fertility® offers advice to help you improve your love life and your sex life on your fertility journey.

Bring the sexy back
The emotional upheaval of infertility, combined with side effects of fertility medications and other fertility treatments, can put a strain on your sex life. In fact, experts find infertile women twice as likely to experience troubles in the bedroom as their fertile peers. Does it have to be this way? We think not. In this section we offer dozens of tips, tricks and ideas to help you reconnect with your most cherished loved one: your partner.

Share your feelings about sex
Has your sex drive disappeared? Do you feel less sexy since infertility treatments began? Your sex life may not be as exciting as it was in years past, but it is possible for you and your partner to continue to enjoy intimacy together, even when you are dealing with infertility. Whether you feel less attractive lately, or are just plain tired, let your partner know how you feel. It may lift a heavy weight off your chest to get these painful secrets out.

See a sex therapist
If you really are having serious problems, a sex therapist may be just what you need. To find a sex therapist in your area, ask your doctor or a local counselor for referrals. But if a sex therapist sounds a bit intimidating, consider seeing a marriage and family counselor first. See if talking things out with a trained professional helps you and your partner connect.

Whether your sex life is steaming or struggling, it is important to invest in your relationship when seeking help for infertility. A healthy sex life can help you and your partner reduce stress, increase intimacy and add some fun to your infertility journey.