Healthy Living - Natural-Fertility

When trying to get pregnant, mind/body therapies may help you relax and get healthy, especially during times of great stress. In this section we explore natural fertility aids, such as healthy diet changes and natural dietary supplements. We also explore different complementary and alternative healing methods for fertility.

Complementary and alternative medicine is an umbrella term for various medical systems, practices and products that are used in combination with conventional medicine. Examples include practices such as yoga, meditation, and massage.

Try fertility yoga
When infertility stress becomes too much, try a yoga class to benefit your physical, mental and emotional health. Yoga can be practiced easily in most settings, is affordable and works well as part of a fertility regimen. As with any exercise program, check with your doctor first before you begin.

Acupuncture for infertility
Acupuncture also helps to reduce stress and promotes relaxation with benefits that last for up to one week. Some studies show that acupuncture increases pregnancy rates for some women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). Other studies show no difference. Many experts agree that there is no harm in acupuncture as long as a trained professional performs it.

Are fertility herbs safe?
Before you embark on a journey to embrace fertility herbs and supplements, discuss your intentions with your doctor. While complementary medicine is “natural” it may not always be safe – especially when you are trying to get pregnant. Talk to your doctor before taking any vitamins, herbs, or medications indicated for fertility. Certain herbs and supplements might interact with your fertility drugs or other medicines that you are taking. Also, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate supplements and herbs which means you don't know exactly which substances you are consuming, or how much. For these reasons, some doctors are reluctant to recommend some vitamins and supplements to patients.

As with all health and medical treatments, be smart. Ask your doctor about the safety and efficacy of the natural fertility aids that you are interested in. And, do your homework. Use your best judgment and choose a safe and healthy path to fertility.