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Following the pain of infertility, adoption may appeal to you to help you build your family. If you are interested in adopting, start the process early on. Finalizing an adoption can sometimes take years.

Seek legal advice
Adoption attorneys can help calm your anxieties, protect your rights, and educate you about your adoption options. Working with a knowledgeable lawyer streamlines and may even help speed up the adoption process. In this section, Adoption Procedures, we go over some of the different factors you will need to consider when deciding to adopt.

Find an agency
When adopting, you will choose whether to work with a public or private agency or choose to work independently. If you choose to work with a public or private agency, only seek state-monitored, licensed agencies. These public or private agencies can provide a variety of services for you, including counseling and post-adoption services. When choosing an agency, do your homework. Find out if other families been satisfied with services received from the agency. Check the Better Business Bureau and state licensing board to make sure the adoption agency’s reputation is impeccable.

Do it yourself
Independent adoption may require a shorter waiting period. With an independent adoption, an attorney guides you in adopting a child without agency restrictions that may hold up the process. With an independent adoption, birth parents are found through networking with friends, family or other adopting couples. You may also consider advertising in newspapers or online. If you choose to go this path, be sure to work with an experienced attorney that specializes in independent adoption.

Other options

  • Perhaps adopting a child from a foreign nation may be right for you. Certain agencies specialize in international adoption, but you may also choose to work independently if you desire. 
  • Open adoption occurs when a couple chooses to meet the birth parents, and/or shares pictures and personal information with them. Closed adoption is when you choose to know very little about the birth parents. 
  • Adoption from foster care agencies is an important option and one that may take less time. This type of adoption works well for families willing to adopt an older child.


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