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As you look past infertility, adoption may become a positive next step. The following three infertility adoption tips can help you navigate the world of adoption after infertility.

Tip# 1: Decide on a domestic or foreign adoption. If you decide on a foreign adoption, you have to follow the laws of that country. You will also need to obtain a U.S. visa for the child. If you choose a domestic adoption, the laws of your state will apply on most issues. However, there may be some points where the laws of the birth parents apply, if they are out of state.

Tip #2: Choose an agency or independent adoption. With an independent adoption, you will learn about potential birth parents through advertisements or via your own search. You can also go through an intermediary such as an attorney or a facilitator, which may or may not be allowed in the state you live. It is advisable to consult an attorney to help you find legal ways to meet birth parents as well as help you be in compliance with applicable laws. If you choose to go through an adoption agency, there is an intermediary to help you with child placement.

Tip #3: Select a private or public adoption. The main difference between a private agency and a public one is the way the parental rights of the child have been terminated.

In a public agency, the termination is usually involuntary. These adoptions typically involve children who have been placed in foster care due to neglect, abuse or another condition, which required the parental rights of their parents to be taken away. The children placed in these types of adoptions are typically older in age. These adoptions are typically free or only a nominal fee.

If you choose to go through a private agency for the adoption, that agency will be licensed by the state where it operates and will be required to follow the laws of that state. Private agencies can engage in local and/ or international adoptions. Agencies usually have attorneys on staff. However, these attorneys represent the agency, not you or the birth parents. It is in your best interest to have your own counsel during this process. The fees for private agencies can range from $5,000 to $30,000. It is important to discuss with the agency all that is included in that fee.

The adoption process can be confusing, long, expensive and very stressful. An attorney can help to guide you through the maze while staying compliant with relevant laws.

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