Treatments & Options - IUI - Success Rates

Can artificial insemination techniques like intrauterine insemination (IUI) help you get pregnant? Attain Fertility has the latest info on IUI success rates here.

The latest IUI success rates
Many women – single and married - get pregnant using artificial insemination. Success rates with IUI tend to be highest for younger women (under 35) and those with no known fertility problems. Success rates overall with IUI range from 50 to 86 percent but the percent of couples that become pregnant after one cycle of IUI ranges from 10 to 20 percent. Different factors can affect IUI success rates, including fertility problems for men and women, as well as age.

IUI success rates by age
Ovulation induction with fertility drugs increases IUI success rates for women over 35. Here, we share IUI success rates by age (Note: These success rates are for one cycle of IUI; many couples do require more than one insemination cycle to conceive):

  • Women under 35 have a 10 to 20 percent chance of getting pregnant using IUI.
  • Women between 35 and 40 have a 10 percent chance of getting pregnant using IUI with superovulation.
  • Women over 40 have a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant using IUI with superovulation.

One reason why IUI helps many couples conceive has to do with sperm “washing.” Before the insemination, your doctor will obtain the sperm sample, either from your male partner or a sperm donor. The sperm is washed, processed and concentrated down. This sperm “washing” removes the seminal fluid, which includes prostaglandins and other chemicals. Sperm washing activates the sperm, boosting your chances of pregnancy.

Boost your chances
To boost your chances of conceiving with artificial insemination, ask your doctor if the following tips will help you conceive:

  1. Receive two inseminations per ovulation cycle
  2. Use frozen sperm for the insemination
  3. Take fertility drugs
  4. Lie down after the procedure
  5. Make sure to time the insemination correctly with ovulation.

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, ask your fertility specialist about IUI. Find out whether the IUI procedure may help you make a baby.