Trying to Conceive - Fertility Specialists

If you have been trying to conceive for six months or more, you may wonder if a doctor might be able to help you. Fertility specialists, otherwise known as reproductive endocrinologists (REs), are doctors that diagnose and treat fertility problems for men and women. These highly trained doctors specialize in helping you get pregnant when pregnancy does not come as easily as planned.

Do you need a fertility specialist?
A fertility specialist may be beneficial to you if you have a history of medical problems that cause infertility. If your partner has male-factor infertility such as low sperm count, see an RE. An RE will prescribe the most effective treatments for your specific problem(s).

Where to find a fertility specialist

Fertility specialists often work in fertility clinics staffed with one or more reproductive endocrinologists as well as other specialists. Many clinics, including those in the Attain Fertility® Network, provide a wealth of services, including an onsite laboratory, nutritionists, counselors and support staff that are often available seven days a week, even on nights and weekends.

Choosing a clinic
When you choose a fertility clinic you will have access to a support staff of nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, and counselors. A urologist board-certified in andrology may be on your fertility team if there are problems with male-factor infertility. Some clinics also have access to reproductive surgeons who specialize in treating obstructions, endometriosis and other reproductive problems.

With over 180 fertility specialists in cities all across the nation, Attain Fertility is here to help you along your path to parenthood.