Trying to Conceive - Fertility Tests

Fertility testing is critical when pregnancy does not come easily. In this section, Fertility Tests, you will learn about the different types of fertility tests and assessments currently available for men and women.

Learn what to expect
Find out how to prepare for, and what to expect, during your fertility clinic testing visits. In this section, we share tips and tricks to help you through the fertility process. Prepare for your first appointment by reviewing a helpful list of questions your fertility clinic doctor might ask. 

Are you at risk?
If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you may be interested in taking our pre-pregnancy risk assessment. This quick infertility evaluation can help you assess your chances of conception. Women with one or more infertility risk factors, such as cigarette smoking or being overweight, may find this questionnaire most helpful. 

Already familiar with fertility tests?
If you are already going through the fertility test process, you may feel both excited and nervous. Not to worry! The team of specialists you will meet with at your clinic are highly trained professionals who want to make your appointment as productive as possible. Your family doctor, OB/GYN, and reproductive endocrinologist (RE) make up an entire team of specialists that can support you during the fertility testing phase along your path to parenthood.

If you know that you need help with getting pregnant, Attain Fertility® is a trusted resource to guide you on your journey. Visit our directory of local and national clinics to find an Attain Fertility specialist near you.