Understanding Fertility

It seems like every time you check Instagram you see another pregnancy announcement or each week at work you spot yet another cute bump. It can be tough to feel like you’re on your own little infertility island. Trust us, you’re not.

Over 7 million couples in the United States are dealing with fertility problems. That’s about 10% of couples in their childbearing years who can’t have a child without medical assistance. So, what exactly is infertility?

Put simply, infertility is a condition that makes it harder – often impossible – to get pregnant without the help of a reproductive endocrinologist. It’s caused by a variety of issues. Some are quick fixes, while others are more complicated.

It’s a myth that the fault of most couple’s infertility lies with the woman. If you and your partner are having trouble conceiving on your own, you both need to get checked out. Almost half of all infertility cases are linked to women, while approximately 40% have something to do with men. The other 20% are due to both male and female factors.

We know it’s upsetting to realize you may not be able to get pregnant on your own, and deciding to get treatment is a very personal decision. When the time is right, we’re here to guide you through the financial process and help make the experience as easy as possible.

IVF 101

Learn more about the process, treatment and medications associated with In Vitro Fertilization- a proven path to parenthood.

Trying to Conceive

Our team is here to help you recognize and track when you are most fertile. Having trouble getting pregnant? Learn more about the right time to seek help from a fertility specialist.

Treatment Options

Everyone’s journey to becoming a parent is different, but we all are reaching for the same goal: to have a baby! Your fertility specialist will work with you to help overcome your infertility diagnosis and select a treatment option that best fits the individual needs of your growing family.

LGBT Family Building

Our team of experienced Physicians take pride in helping overcome any situation an LGBT couple may face. We’ll create a customized treatment plan that will be unique to your family’s needs.

Wellness and Fertility

You are in control of your lifestyle and daily habits. The choices you make day-to-day have a large impact on your chances of conceiving. This will also influence your ability to have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Female Infertility

Learn more about different factors affecting female infertility.

Male Infertility

Learn more about different factors affecting male infertility.