Wellness and Fertility

An infertility diagnosis can create tremendous upset in your life, affecting your mood, sleep, and stress levels. However, healthy lifestyle habits, including diet, nutrition and exercise, might reduce this negative stress and provide you with fertility benefits.

Combat Stress
Women who are struggling to conceive report super high stress levels similar to those living with life-threatening illnesses. To counteract this effect, many fertility specialists recommend that women find a source for stress relief in their daily lives. What are you doing to combat infertility stress? Get some ideas on healthy, natural stress reduction in this section.

Find Your Zen
Complementary and alternative healing methods such as individual and group counseling, acupuncture, yoga and meditation have shown some potential for boosting fertility in women. Whether these practices might offer you fertility benefits exist or not, these healthy lifestyle habits, as well as a healthy diet and exercise plan, will certainly not hurt your health. In fact, more than likely these practices will help you get healthy and better handle infertility treatment stress.

Get Healthy
A healthy pregnancy needs a healthy start. If you are trying to get pregnant, make sure to visit your doctor to discuss your health and any medical screenings or vaccinations that you might need. Ask about a healthy fertility weight and any diet recommendations to enhance your fertility. Your doctor can help you get on track to improve your health, boost your fertility, and reduce complications during pregnancy, naturally.

Lifestyle & Fertility

Lifestyle factors, including diet and exercise, have a strong impact on your fertility.

Preventing Infertility

Here are a few simple tips for men and women to follow when trying to conceive.

Smoking & Infertility

Stop smoking. Now. We’re here to help you make changes to create a long healthy life for you and your family.

Weight & Fertility

Take the appropriate steps to ensure you’re at your fertility weight to increase your chances of having a baby.

Sleep & Infertility

Did you know the amount of sleep you get each night may be affecting your ability to conceive? Learn more here.

Fertility Myths

Have you ever wondered if common fertility and pregnancy myths are true? We have your answers.

Acupuncture & Fertility

Many women are turning to acupuncture fertility treatment to seek a more “natural” approach to conception.

Diet & Fertility

Could certain foods boost your chances of conception? We have all your answers here.